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Partial Discography

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Boca do Rio 2006 CD Boca do Rio

Kevin Welch; composer, lead vocals, guitar, producer
Jacob Aginksy; piano, keyboards, laptop
Jon Evans; bass, producer
Dan Foltz; drumset, percussion
Larry De La Cruz; sax, percussion
Recorded in summer 2005
Vince the Voodoo Doll Steve Kirk

Steve Kirk; Composer, arranger, all manner of stringed instruments, audio engineer

Featured musicians; John Hanes, Chris Grady, Andrew Higgins, Larry De La Cruz, Tom Yoder, Carla Kihlstedt, Danny Shorago, Gino Robair, Damien Masterson, Bruce Kapfan, Marika Hughes, Dan Plonsey and Catharine Clune.

Recorded in 2003
Mo'Fone Mo'Fone

Jeremy Steinkoler; drumset & percussion
Jim Peterson; baritone sax & bass clarinet
Larry De La Cruz; alto sax, clarinet, flute & percussion
Danny Bitker; bass sax & tenor sax

Recorded in 2003
Boca do Rio Boca do Rio

Kevin Welch; Guitar, vocals, composition
Dan Foltz; drums, percussion
Larry De La Cruz; alto sax, percussion

Featured musicians; Jon Evans, Ches Smith, Kevin Mummey, Darrell Green, Gamo de Pas, Alex Calatayud, Michael Spiro, Emiliano Benevides, Jacob Aginsky, Michael Bluestein, James Henry, Richard Howell, Rick Elmore and Don Beck.

Recorded 2002
Steve Kirk Pop Steve Kirk Pop

Steve Kirk: guitars, vocals
Myles Boisen: bass guitar
Ken Weller: electric upright bass
John Hanes: drums
Catharine Clune: violin
Nicole Welch: cello
Matt Brubeck: cello
Nik Phelps: soprano sax
Larry De La Cruz: soprano sax
Phillip Greenlief: alto sax
Chris Grady: trumpet
Tom Yoder: trombone
New Oakland Jazz Orchestra/Alternate Route New Oakland Jazz Orchestra

Reeds:Rory Snyder, Larry De La Cruz, Alex Murzyn, James Carraway, Howard Cespedes
Trumpets: Mike Vax, Marvin McFadden, Steve Campos, Rolf Johnson, Tim Acosta
Trombones: Dean Hubbard, Troy Ostwald, Peggy Vax, Mara Fox, Neil Van Valkenburgh
Rhythm Section: Si Perkoff (p.), Randy Vincent (g.), Mario Suraci (b.), Dave Rokeach (d.)
1999 Sea Breeze Records SB-2101
Recorded February 20, 22 & 23, 1999
Aldoush/This Life Aldoush/ This Life

Aldoush Alpanian-Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Daff, Composition
Ann Dyer-Harmony Vocals
Mark Holzinger-Guitar
Jeff Obee-Bass
Larry De La Cruz-Alto & Soprano Saxes, Keyboards
Art Cavagnaro-Percussion
Dave Rokeach-Drums
Hooshmand Saki-Persian Tumbak (zarb)
Jim Owens-Tabla
1999 X DOT 25 Music Productions, Inc. PM 4002-2
Diablo Valley College Big Band Diablo Valley College Night Jazz Band featuring Phil Woods

Rory Snyder-Director
Jene Bombadier-vocals
Woodwinds-Larry De La Cruz, Brenda Thompson,Kevin Galloway, Adrian Coulson, Lavell Jones.
Trumpets-Dan Fava, Steve Shults, Walt Beveridge, Gary Coartney, Tammy Levi
Trombones-Troy Ostwald, Sandy Hughes, Ron Wetzel, Mario Sternad, Kurt Kellersberger
Rhythm Section-James Grigsby (piano), Steve Weisner (guitar), Andy Baca (bass), Ken Bergmann (drums)
Recorded in 1997
Rob Thorsen/First Impression Rob Thorsen/ First Impression

Rob Thorsen-bass, composition, producer
Mike Wofford-piano, composition
Larry De La Cruz-alto sax, composition
Brett Sanders-drums
1996 Webster's Last Word Records WLW-5711
Recorded on August 15 & 16, 1996

*Bonus track "Caravan" by Duke Ellington.*
Colors/Bureaucrazy Colors/ Bureaucrazy

Jalko- Vocals, Electric, Acoustic and Synth Guitars
Pino De Pasquale- Fretted & Fretless Basses, Synth
Gil Reissent- Drums, MIDI and Vox Drums, Sequencing
Larry De La Cruz- Alto Sax
Jaclyn Lamiraux- Background Vocals
Danny 'Kat' De B- Background Vocals
Patrick Jouannau- Background Vocals  Chris Newcastle- Background Vocals
Recorded in April 1989 at Le Balafon Studios
Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE
Flight 7/Sky High Flight 7/ Sky High

Barry Aiken-Keyboards;
Larry De La Cruz-Alto sax;
Don Schoenberger-Drums and electronic percussion;
Don Anderson-Electric bass and background vocals;
Gabe Terrado-Electric guitar;
Rose Riedel-vocals;
1988 Richard David Productions RDPD-77001
Recorded in 1987

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